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Hello, and thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit my blog. My name is Tina (Tj) and I am a mom to both a son & a daughter who have now entered into young adulthood.  Young adulthood is a nice way of saying early 20's!  I think the whole early adulthood thing sometimes makes me worry even more about them then when the were adolescents.   It's taking some time getting accustom to the whole "Empty Nest" syndrome thing.  I know you hear this often, "but where has the time gone."  It's so true though, it doesn't seem that long ago that I was running them around to school and sports activities and now they are doing things on their own.  

Both of my children have artistic abilities, one is a photographer (she owns her own photography business) and the other is a musician (playing local shows, writing & recording his music.)   I also have a 3 year old collie named Brooklyn. He is still in the puppy stage, but he keeps me company since my children have moved out on their own (but of course they come home for dinner and to do laundry!)  Brooklyn has a rambunctious side (this dog could have his own sitcom) and I can't wait till he calms down a bit.    

 I am a teacher by day (crafter at night.) I teach a college preparedness class at an urban high school.  I have a great group of kids that keep me laughing.  When I am not grading papers or planning lessons, I enjoy finding the best solutions to organizing problems, creating crafts projects, and finding ways to make life run a little bit smoother. I love home decorating and DIY Projects. I guess you can say I am addicted to all those "Home Improvement" shows.  Can I just say home much I love the show "Fixer Upper?"  I love the decorating style of Joanna Gaines and am totally addicted to that show! 

I love making crafts.  I have always made wreaths for friends & family and they have finally convinced me to open an Etsy Shop.  Tj's Creative Crafts  is my Etsy store that carries deco mesh wreaths, burlap wreaths, lantern swags, and other decorations for the home.   It's a bit of a challenge trying to balance everything, but it keeps me young :-)  

As you read through my blog, I hope you find some craft ideas and organizing hints that you find helpful in your daily lives.  

 Enjoy :)

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  1. Hello Tina, Would you have time to make us a Hanukkah Wreath ? I can be reached at my offce email : tom@montrealensante.com

    Kindest regards, Tom (514) 992-6595