Sunflower Maze

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Every three years there is a wonderful sea of sunflowers in my little town.  The owners of a restaurant (on the site of the sunflower field) plant 75 acres of these magnificent flowers.  The sunflowers go on and on.  It's a magnificent view.  Visitors can walk through the sunflower maze, purchase sunflowers, and honey (made by the bees on the farm).

Last night, two of my high school friends and I went to walk the maze at sunset.  It's been very hot here in Central New York this summer and last night was no exception.  Actually there was a downpour as I was driving to the field, which made the air very humid.  We lucked out though, the sun came out just in time to shine over these sunflowers before going to sleep for the night.  

Sunflowers at Sunset
Sunflower facing opposite of the rest

Sea of sunflowers

If you're ever in the area, or driving on the NY thruway, this is definitely worth stopping to see.


Here is an amazing video of the field.  Inside the maze, they cut out a wine bottle and glass that says, "I Love NY".  It quite something to see!