Chippy Paint Chair

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I went to the salvage antique store the other day.  It felt like it was 100 degrees out in the sun, but my daughter and I had fun looking at all the old furniture, especially the milk crates from a local dairy.  They were fun, but a bit more than we wanted to spend on them, instead I found an old chair.  This poor chair was just sitting outside and was really weathered.  The wood on the seat was splitting away from each other and there must have been four coats of different colored paint on it that was just peeling away.  It just had some character to it and I couldn't resist for $10.00.

This is the poor chair in the before state.  I decided to break out the sander and remove most of the paint.  It still looked pretty sad until I added some white linen chalk paint from Rust-Oleum.  
Chair Before

The chair after it had been sanded down.  I didn't take all the paint off because I wanted the "chippy paint" look to it.  

I did a light coat, by dry brushing the paint on the chair.  All I do to "dry brush" is dip the paint brush in the can, just enough to get some paint on it.  Then blot it on a paper towel to remove most of the paint.  Lightly go over the surface with the brush to give it a "whitewashed" appearance.  

I started on the bottom of the chair to make sure I didn't have too much paint on the brush.  As you can see, I applied pretty messy, after the chair was done, I went back and lightly sanded the chair with very fine sand paper.  Do this so it doesn't have a freshly painted look to it.

I only did one coat on this chair.  I wanted a very worn "farmhouse" look to the chair.  It's all your preference on the final results.  I would start off lightly, you can always add more.

The next step was to "antique" the chair a bit.  I had some left over brown chalk paint that I used.  If you don't have brown paint on hand, you can buy a sample from Home Depot or Lowes and add a little plaster paris to it.  I have also use an acrylic paint from a craft store.  Burnt Umber is a good color to use when you want to antique something.  Dry brush the brown paint on using a small craft paint brush to get in the nooks and crannies of the chair.  

 I have used the chair in my photos of my arrangements for my Etsy Shop, and I really love the way the flowers look on the old chair. As soon as I do my fall decorating, I think I will leave the chair on my front step with some flowers on it.  

Now it's your turn to try a makeover.  Look for chairs at yard sales, craigslist, and even on the side of the road.  Just remember, the more weather beaten the chair is, the nicer it will look all distressed.

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Have fun & enjoy!