What to do on a Snow Day?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Before 5:00 am I was woken up to Brooklyn howling like someone stabbed him.  I flip out of bed, slipping down the hardwood stairs in my socks running to see what happened to him.  You think I would learn my lesson by now,  the dog hates the answering machine.  When he hears that thing go off it sounds like a soundtrack to the movie "Call of the Wild."  I'm not kidding, I want to record him, but at that time of the morning I couldn't see straight never-mind finding the buttons on my cell phone without my glasses to record it.  Yes, all those years of making fun of my mom for holding something out in front of her to read it - has come back to me in full karma!

Now back to the phone call & Brooklyn, what set him off was one of those lovely "robo" calls from my district to tell me that the kids had a 2 hour delay, but teachers were to report on time.  For some reason the pitch of the guy's voice hits a nerve with Brooklyn and the call hit a nerve with me.  Ok, kids get to stay home, yet I am to travel in this frozen tundra to arrive to school 2 hours before any students walk in the door-- and you need to wake me up before 5:00 am to tell me this?

I look outside and can't see out my window, so I do what every good teacher does and jumps right onto Facebook to see the conversations.  Just as I imagined, everyone was complaining about this 2 hour delay and arriving on-time.  See there was a travel advisory for our county.  Now mind you, we are very equipped up here to drive in the worst weather, but when you see all the major school districts around closing, you know it's bad!

Finally the words "Closed" appeared on my newsfeed and just like the kids (maybe even more so) we were all so excited not to have to go out in this today!

The best part was when I looked out and saw the snow in my driveway!  Yikes - I turned around and went right back in the house and waited for the gentleman who plows it. There was no way I was going out in this.  See the picture below.  Not the best picture sorry it was about 6:45 am when I took it.

This tree has grown from a seedling I planted with my kids.  They were taller than the tree for many years and had their 1st day of school pictures taken in front of it every year, as well as prom pictures.  Love this tree - many memories!

I figured since I was up for the day I might as well do something productive.  So today seemed like a good day to organize my craft supplies.  This is a job that I've been dreading.  Everything was a mess from my Holiday season rush and I needed to get it organized before I start on my spring wreaths.  It's taking some time, but I am feeling very accomplished today.

What are some things you like to do on a snow day?  Anything fun?