DIY Spring Hydrangea Wreath

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Nothing says, "Welcome Spring" like a hydrangea wreath for your front door.  This is one of my best selling wreaths.  The color combinations are endless.  There is a wreath for everyone.  

I do need to add that I use high quality silk hydrangeas that can get very pricey.  Even if they are on sale or with a coupon they can be $6.00 or more a piece.  I've seen prices up to 20.00 for a bunch of them.  Keep this in mind when you are purchasing your flowers.  

Ribbon prices vary as well, depending on the look you want to achieve.  The fancier satin ribbons on average are $10.00 and up.  My suggestion would be to use a 40% coupon at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.  I am partial to the ribbons at Hobby Lobby, I think they have an array of elegant ribbons.  


12 Hydrangea Heads - 6 of each color.  
If you want a three color wreath,  then use 4 heads of each color.
Grapevine Wreath - 18 inches
Glue Gun
Wire Cutters
Ribbon of your choice.  I use wired ribbon so it holds its shape.

Step 1:
Place grapevine wreath on a wreath stand, if you don't have one just rest it on the table.   

Cut the flower head about 3 inches.

Place the flowers where you want them on the wreath.  After you are satisfied with the placement, hot glue the stems and place in the wreath. The wreath pictured has 12 hydrangea heads on it.  If you want to go with less hydrangeas, purchase a smaller grapevine wreath.

 Next, add the leaves that are left over from your flowers.  I place them in-between the 2 flowers.  I usually glue the outside leaves first, then find a placement for the leaves on the inside of the wreath.

You can also leave the wreath without any leaves, it's all your preference.

Loop a ribbon through the wreath and tie a bow.  Wired ribbon works best, as it will keep its shape.    This will double as your wreath hanger.

To keep your wreath looking wonderful all season, I would highly recommend hanging it in a protected area away from harsh elements and direct sun.

Have fun and enjoy your wreath!