Hanukkah Wreaths

Sunday, November 1, 2015

It's been a busy few months around here.  Trying to get into the swing of the new school year, been super busy making wreaths for the upcoming Holidays.  Just doesn't seem as if there are enough hours in a day to get everything accomplished.

Quite a few of my friends celebrate Hanukkah, so I thought it would be nice to make them some wreaths for the upcoming holiday.   I must say I've been a bit disappointed when I search the the web to find Hanukkah Decorations, particularly  decorations I can place in wreaths are very few and far between.  So I have been on the hunt to find decorations.

Here are a few wreaths that I have made so far. More coming soon,  and will also be adding a DIY tutorial in the next couple of weeks.

I Hope this gives you some ideas for decorations.

If you don't quite feel up to the challenge of making a wreath yourself,  feel free to visit my Etsy shop where you can purchase a wreath or custom order one.


  1. thanks for caring for making chanukkah decorations because there are not a lot and are minimal and hard to find

    1. Best place for Hanukkah stiff is Bed Bath and Beyond. The owners of the company are Jewish. I go every year and stock up for the next year with their sale.