Get Creative and Make a Wreath...

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Finally getting a chance to post the Christmas Wreaths I've been busy working on.  As you can tell, I am all over the place - I tend to look for something that catches my eye and then figure out how I can make it into a wreath.  I have to say that very rarely do I buy from a craft store.  I think the reason I avoid buying signs, etc. from local craft stores is because every other person who make a wreath buys the same items.  Although, from time to time I will find something at Hobby Lobby.  I like mine to look different from everyone else's.

I usually pick out my focal point, (sign, plush animal, etc.) then decide what type of base I would like to use, evergreen, grapevine, burlap, or deco mesh. From there I decide on the colors, flowers, etc.  I will be honest, I will take apart a wreath many times until I get it right.  I have been known to get frustrated and then walk away and come back another day with a different perspective.  I don't secure everything down until I am completely satisfied with it.  Most of the time I will hang it on my fence and take photos from different angles, and if it doesn't look right, I will take it apart and change it again.  I drive my family nuts :-)

My favorites are snowmen, I just love them!  I think living here in the frozen tundra known as Central New York, snowmen can be left out all winter :)  Believe me with the cold dreary winters, I love having decorations in the house to get me by until Spring, which around her can be well past Mother's Day - yes we have had snow on Mother's Day here!

So this holiday season - make a wreath - give it a try - be a bit creative.  If you see something in a store that you think may look nice in a wreath - go ahead and make it!  Be creative!

Victorian Santa

Adorable Moose


Peacock Wreath

Whimsical Bow Elf Wreath

Lighted Elf Wreath