DIY Chalkboard Printables Using Pickmonkey

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I love chalkboard signs!  You see them all over Pinterest.  I was sitting down making a "chalkboard" sign for my friend's daughter, so I thought I would make a tutorial on how to make an Instagram sign using PicMonkey.

Important:  Before you begin, make sure you download all the clipart and fonts you want to use in your project.  Pinterest is a great place to start looking for various graphics and fonts.  Do a search using "chalkboard graphics."  Make sure you download a "chalkboard background" to begin your project.  There are many styles, I happen to like the "darker" backgrounds.  It is all preference, depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

To make things easier I download my graphics and  keep a graphics file on my desktop so they are all in one place when I begin a project.  I have listed the blogs and font website that I used in this project at the very end.

The first thing is go to Picmonkey

Click on "Design" then 8x10 box

Your page will look like this:

Now Click on the "texture" button:

Click on the top box that says "Your Own"

Next, you will download a background from your computer: Click the yellow "open my texture button"  and download a chalkboard background from your files.

After you click on the file you want - click on the green "apply button" and your background should now look like this:

Now comes the designing part.  In order to add clipart,  you need to click on the "butterfly" on the tool bar - this lets you put graphics (overlays) on the page. It will be the same as applying  the background - you choose a file you have on your computer, click the "my own" on the overlays menu:

I chose an "Instagram (free clipart logo) that I got off of the "Instagram" website.

For the clipart banners and corners:  Use the overlay button again - position them where you want them on your page (again make sure you make them white in color.  For the corners - you can duplicate them by "right clicking" on your mouse.  After you duplicate them, you can change their direction by clicking on the arrows on the overlay pop-up toolbar.

Continue with the overlays until you have all the clipart in place.  Add the "text" by clicking on the "Tt" on the toolbar on the left.  You have the option of using your own "fonts" that you have already downloaded to your computer.  I always use my own "fonts" that I've downloaded.

When you have completed your print, save it to your computer.  For nice quality, I would suggest printing this off as a "photo" at your local store (wherever you get your prints from.)

If you are using your sign for a wedding, I would suggest ordering a "poster" size print to be displayed at your reception.

The "Oh Snap" font is ecuyerdax you can download the font here from dafont.

Designs By Miss Mandaee is a wonderful blog with beautiful graphics for your personal use. I used her "banner" clipart for this project.  Her site has printables, freebies, or you may purchase design work for your blog, website, or business.

Starsunflowers Studio is where the "corner" clipart was downloaded from.  They have beautiful chalkboard graphics and freebies for your personal use.  They also offer professional services as well, go and look at their designs.

Free "chalkboard" backgrounds can be found at We Lived Happily Ever After. This website has wonderful graphics, fonts, and resources to help you with your project.  Very lovely blog, go and check this page out.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.  Have fun making your chalkboard signs.