Sunday, May 3, 2015

Spring has Sprung finally!

I actually was on my way to the dollar store looking for flip flops when I had a wave of inspiration to head to Lowe's Home Improvement Store to look at plants.  So after not 1,  but 2 trips to Lowe's, and then one trip to Home Depot, I came home with a carload, ok an SUV load of new plants and flowers. For some reason I have an obsession when it comes to summer flowers!

Now mind you, my children who are in their 20's  cringe when I come home with new plants.  One would think since they live on their own now, they would love spending time with their mom and helping her in the garden.   Well, we can all dream can't we? It seems they begin to scatter like ants on a hot sidewalk when they see something that pertains to weeding, digging, or mowing!  I keep using the line, "I'm getting older, you guys can help," but they give me that crooked smile and say, "sorry mom" I have something to do instead!

So Brooklyn (my 3 year old collie) and I went outside to enjoy the warm day by planting ornamental grasses around the pool.  Now normally if he sees me digging he gets all excited because I let him dig in the hole, he can dig a hole much faster than I can, but today even Brooklyn blew me off and just lounged in the sun watching me!    I grabbed my shovel planted some Cabaret Grass and some African Daises by myself.

After I finished all my planting, I figured it was a good time to cut down an "unknown" tree that was growing with my Rose of Sharon bush.  Brooklyn is attracted to sticks both big and small, and likes to carry them around the yard.  He was trying to grab one of the branches until he was sidetracked by a bird flying by.  I never knew collies tried to "herd" birds or it could be that my collie is just crazy,  has a short attention span, or possibly maybe ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.)  After writing this, I did a search and yes dogs can actually have ADHD, who knew?  Here is an article I found on it. 

Here is a short video of Brooklyn trying to help.

Brooklyn and the tree video

Cabaret Grass

As you can tell, it's still not warm enough to open the pool, but the birds are happy since the use the puddle on the cover as their own personal birdbath!

I fell in love with this planter at Home Depot.  It holds 4 potted plants (I purchased from Lowe's) and it is moveable in case the sun gets to hot for them.

Foxglove's I found at Lowe's.

Happy Planting!