DIY: Dollar Store Patriotic Flip Flop Wreath Tutorial

Sunday, May 24, 2015


It's officially the "unofficial" start to summer.  What a better way to celebrate the holiday weekend than with an adorable affordable craft from the dollar store.

I love celebrating Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day, what a better way to celebrate it than with a red, white, and blue flip flop wreath! I purchased the flip flops from the Dollar Tree.

Supply List:

8 Pairs of Flip Flops - all the same size -size Medium - Dollar Tree
Hot Glue Gun
12 inch Wreath Base - Michaels
Red, White, & Blue Carnations - Dollar Tree
Patriotic Ribbon - purchased mine from Michael's, but the Dollar Tree has some.

Wreath Base Available at Craft Stores

I purchased these round wreath rings from Michaels, all craft stores should have them. 

I painted the wood rings white - you can use any color you choose.  I usually spray paint them.  I have used regular craft paint to paint them also, both work well.

I used 8 pairs of flip flops in the wreath.  The tricky part (this took me some time to master) is lining the heels of the flip flops up so the hole in the center is symmetrical.  I like the flip flops all in the same direction.  Lay out your pattern, then glue it to the wooden ring.  

When you have all the flip flops in position - lift each one up separately and hot glue them to the wood.  I arrange 8 on the bottom and when they are glued on, you fill in the spaces by gluing a second layer of 8 on top of the first.  Still keeping the flip flops symmetrical, as you fill in the spaces in between the first layer.  

Embellish your wreath with flowers, ribbons, etc.  If you want this wreath to be hung outside in the elements - you may not want to add any embellishments as they will be exposed to the hot sun and summer thunderstorms.  

Embellish with a bow. 
To hang the wreath add a zip tie to the back 

Hang and enjoy your wreath!!

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  1. We love this idea so much - very cheerful and colourful! Your post has been featured on this week's Frugal Family Linky via Witty Hoots! Hope to see you joining in again soon and remember to pop by and grab your 'I've been Featured' badge too!

  2. I love your wreaths. Quick question, What size is the round wreath ring?

    1. It's a 12 inch wooden ring that you can find at a craft store or Amazon. I have a photo of it in the tutorial. Good luck on your project :)

  3. Need some help please. Every time I glue down the flip flop it just comes back off within a few minutes

  4. I can't believe your success with hot glue. What brand? I so want to make a wreath, but I've tried a wire wreath (no good), a pool noodle (glue melts it and ff's won't stay on)a Styrofoam wreath and a grapevine wreath all with no success. I've done hot glue, Super Glue and Gorilla Glue with about a day before ff's start falling off. What is the secret to making one of these? Is it the wooden wreath? Will it hold the weight of all those ff's? HELP!

  5. You need to use a wooden wreath form. Yes it will hold the weight. I've had wreaths for 2-3 seasons that hold up. The only time one broke was in a really bad thunder/rainstorm. The wood got very wet and fell apart, but the flip flops stayed together. I use really hot glue that is available from Michael's or AC Moore. Hope this helps!