DIY - Flip Flop Wreath

Monday, March 30, 2015

Hopefully the warmer weather will be heading my way pretty soon.   My Flip Flop wreaths seems to get a lot of "pins" on Pinterest so I decided to update the wreath.  I had some extra flip flops left over from last year and decided to make a couple of wreaths yesterday.

Daisy Flip Flops

Rainbow Wreath

Aqua Blue and Green

Patriotic Wreath

Wild Colors

Then of course I needed to make another colorful flip flop wreath...

See the full tutorial for Dollar Store Flip Flop Wreath

Step 1:
I purchase these round wreath rings from Michaels or Hobby Lobby, all craft stores should have them. 

I painted the wood rings white - you can use any color you choose.  I usually spray paint them.  I have used regular craft paint to paint them also, both work well.

Step 2:
I used 8 pairs of flip flops in both of the wreaths above.  The tricky part is lining the heels of the flip flops up so the hole in the center is symmetrical.  I like the flip flops all in the same direction - I've seen some wreaths who alternate the flip flops head to toe, but to me if they all face the same direction it looks like a big daisy.

Step 3:
When you have all the flip flops in position - lift each one up separately and hot glue them to the wood.  I arrange 8 on the bottom and when they are glued on, you fill in the spaces by gluing a second layer of 8 on top of the first.  Still keep the flip flops symmetrical ,but fill in the spaces in between the first layer.  

Step 4:  Embellish your wreath with flowers, ribbons, etc.  If you want this wreath to be hung outside in the elements - you may not want to add any embellishment as they will be exposed to the hot sun and summer thunderstorms.  
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Hope you enjoy making your wreath!