Umbrella stand and plastic yard furniture Re-do

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy first day of summer!  My umbrella stand and plastic yard furniture needed quite a bit of a facelift!  I ran to Walmart and purchased some spray paint to match the new umbrella I purchased.  The color is Rust-Oleum "Seaside" which worked fantastic on both plastic and metal.

Before a Sun Faded Green  & After - Seaside Blue
Next on the list were some small green plastic end tables. The tables were fine, I was just bored with the faded green color, so I decided to spay paint it as well.  The color is more vibrant in person.  I love the way they turned out - a total of about 30 minutes to do these makeovers :-)

Sun Faded Green table to Seaside Blue

Ice Bucket Stand - Before & After

Colors are "Berry Pink" & "Seaside"


  1. Great, quick, and pretty ideas!

  2. Thank you! So far it's holding up nicely through a couple of storms and some very high temps :)