Picture Frame Necklace Holder

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Since I made-over my closet,(to see closet makeover click here) I decided to make a picture frame necklace holder.  Of course I looked around on Pinterest to get ideas.

Finished Frame

This project is fairly easy to do.

You will need:
Complete Project less than $12.00

Frame - Mine is 11x14 without the glass. This was $5.99 at the Christmas Tree Shop - I did have to break the glass (ugh) it wouldn't come out of the frame.  You could use any size frame you have or find one at a Thrift store and paint it.

Fabric for backing - I grabbed 1/4 yard black fabric from Walmart - $1.00

1 Package of 8 Mini Cup Hooks - Kmart $2.00

2 Packages Paper Flowers from Michaels Crafts - found in the Dollar Bins -  $2.00

1.  Wrap a piece of cardboard (I used the one that came with the frame) with the fabric you chose.  You may also cut a piece of cork-board tile to fit and wrap that in fabric if you would like to stick hooks or earrings in the frame.  I used a glue gun to attach the fabric to the cardboard.

2.  Place the cup hooks where you would like them, I chose to put them in the framing rather than on the frame, but that is your personal choice, I've seen them done both ways.  It was easier to tack them in with a hammer and then screw them into the wood.

3.  Put the cardboard back into the frame, I also tacked this in with a bit of hot glue.  Then I used the little clip holders in the back of the frame to hold it on.

4.  Embellish the frame, I used paper flowers from Michaels.  Place a dot of glue on the back and attach to frame and/or fabric.

Add Necklaces