Closet Organzing

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I had a two-week break from school and tried to get a jump start on organizing for the year.  Never does it seem like it ends.  This year I am attempting to change my ways (easier said than done, I am not a fan of change whatsoever).  My recent disaster (my closet rod and shelf came tumbling down) and has made me realize that I have way too many items that have accumulated through the years.  My daughter constantly reminds me that I have too many jeans, enough to wear every day of the week without washing any and then some.  I guess she was right, I do like my jeans, especially the ones that are so worn and soft that feel like a second skin.   So it shouldn't have been a surprise that my closet eventually caved under the weight of all those jeans.  Now I have a standard bi-fold door reach in closet, although I would love one of those HUGE walk-in closets, it just will never happen in this house.  My first task at hand was to find a way to open the closet door and empty it.  Let me tell you that was a very challenging task, I should've taken photos, this was like something out of a TV sitcom.  I finally opened the door wide enough to start pulling stuff out, and finally I was able to open the doors!  Next took out all the items.  Since I am replacing the carpet with hardwood floors soon, I thought this would be the best time to repaint the closet.  Next I ran to Home Depot and picked up a Closetmaid Shelf System.  Of course nothing can ever go as planned, trying to hang the shelf system was difficult because I couldn't find a stud to line up with both metal anchor pieces.  **Note electronic stud finders will not work on freshly painted walls!  With the help of a contractor friend via telephone - he told me look for the studs 15 inches from the corner by using a finishing nail to tack in the wall until I located the stud.  My builder was one who tended to cut corners and he did it again to me in the closet.  After quite some time of trying to keep the anchor pieces even, I decided to make one slightly higher than the other.  I planned on having a section for my dresses anyway, and actually it worked out so well I purchased a shoe organizer to fit on the bottom of that shelf system.  This has been a work in progress and I will post more photos when I complete the job, for now here is how the organizer shelf systems looks.

Finally finished the closet today!  Here are the pictures:

Found these prints online and Framed them

Shoe Boxes from the Dollar Tree

Wire Shelf from Walmart

Baskets are from Michael's - Huggable Hangers from HSN

Added the Closetmaid Shoe Organizer to the shelf 

Baskets from the Christmas Tree Shop