Getting Ready for Winter

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I must be the biggest procrastinator around!  I still have my yard furniture that needs to be put away for the winter - I think I am just blocking out the fact that possibly the next 5 or so months will be cold, snowy, and dreary, so maybe by me not putting away the furniture, I am holding onto hope that the weather will be nice.  However, I live in Syracuse and it's almost guaranteed there will be tons of snow heading our way.  So this weekend I took advantage of the above normal temperatures  and started hanging up my Christmas decorations.  This beats those 32 degree days and frozen hands trying to hang up wreaths.

However, I did need to take all my fall decorations to the town's compost pile.  Thought it may look strange hanging up my Christmas Wreaths, while I still had cornstalks, mums and pumpkins on the front step.  The weather is warmish today, but it is raining out.  I was hoping to finish up cutting down some flowers and shrubs, and of course putting away my yard furniture.  Hopefully the sun will come out later and I can finish.

Here is a quick photo of Brooklyn intently thinking I'm crazy  watching me put up the wreaths.  More holiday posts to follow.

Happy Decorating <3