Gecko Makeover...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Update:  finally hung the geckos outside :-)

As I began taking out my decorations for the backyard, I noticed my poor tropical gecko's really faded from the sun.  I also found some new ones at the Dollar Tree, but they were really kind of bland and could use a facelift.

So off to Michael's I go to look for metal paint.  I was surprised to find that Martha Stewart had a line of all surface paint (which included metal) so I grabbed some High Gloss Colors and headed home.  These were $1.99 each and of course I used my teacher discount for an extra 15% off the total.

I cleaned off the gecko's and began painting, here are my results.

Before - faded from the sun


My daughter's creation - "art deco gecko"

The gecko's below are from the Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree

Painted in brighter colors - whole new gecko :)

Now I am searching for other yard decorations to paint.  Get creative <3 have a blast.