One of those days..

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Have you ever had one of those days, where nothing seems to go right?  I must have the worst luck when it comes to small appliances, etc.  Today a friend comes over to help me replace the burners in my gas grill - I bought the wrong ones - ugh.  So upon inspection I notice the ignitor is rusted out - the burner covers are rusted - the grates have seen better days - now mind you - this is only about 5 years old.  I do leave it outside in the winter - big mistake in our upstate New York winters.  I guess the cover doesn't do its job.  After pricing out the parts it was cheaper to buy a new grill, so off to Lowe's we go.

Brought the grill home, cooked dinner on it, and then decided to continue to mow the lawn (took a break for diner) and guess what?  The mower won't start.  I just couldn't believe it!  Looked all over - took it apart- and found a splice in the wire, so what do I do?  Head off to Home Depot to look for parts.  No such luck.  Priced lawn mowers and headed to Lowe's - of course the same cashier is still working :-) and I said I'm back mower just died.  They didn't have parts of course.  So wound up getting a new lawn mower!  First week of my summer vacation and had to get two new appliances for the backyard!  Everything goes in three's - so I am keeping my fingers crossed but, if something else goes I hope it's something small like a toaster. Hope everyone else had a better day :-)

Butterflies & Hummingbirds

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I have an obsession with flowers --ugh.  I can't go to a garden center without bringing home something new!  This year I can blame it on Brooklyn (my 1 year old collie) who loves walking all over my flower beds.  This gave me the excuse to re-do my gardens since he trashed so many flowers.  I even purchased a Victorian Wire fence to place in front of the gardens until he's trained not to go near them anymore - so far he has learned he can jump over them :-)

I went and grabbed some new flowers from Lowe's, Walmart, & Home Depot.  I have tailored the garden to attract butterflies & humming birds, nothing more peaceful then having the yard filled with butterflies in the middle of the summer.

Well I'm off for some planting.....

Deco Mesh Flip Flop Wreath

Monday, June 24, 2013

Well I decided to start my summer vacation off with a craft project.  I spend way too much time on Pinterest!  I saw some deco mesh wreaths and decided to give it a whirl. I decided to do a gathered bow type of wreath rather then the loop one.  I used an 18 in wire wreath frame with pipe cleaners, I do think I would like to use a foam wreath form with the floral pins instead for this type of wreath.  Personally I think the foam would be easier to do, but I would need to try one to see.


1 - 18 inch wire frame wreath ($3.49)
1 package of purple pipe cleaners  ($.99)
3-pairs of children's medium size flip flops ($1.30 each)
1 Roll of each color - purple, neon green, hot pink, 12 inch x 10 yards deco mesh ($9.99 each)
8 - polka dot flowers - 4 green & 4 pink ($.59 each)
1 package felt flowers for top of flip flops ($2.49)
2 - Rolls of wired coordinating ribbons ($3.49 each)

All materials were purchased at Michael's Craft store - using a 40% off coupon for the deco mesh & 15% off entire purchase for the rest.

Step One:  twist pipe cleaners on the outer 2 rings where the seems are - 9 total.

Step Two:  twist pipe cleaners in-between the the seems on the 2 inner circle rings.

Step Three: Cut Deco Mesh into 10 inch long pieces.  9 of each color for a total of 27 pieces.  For my  wreaths in my Etsy Store I use the 10 inch pieces to give you an idea. Alternate the colors as you put them on the wreath

Step Four:  Gather the mesh scrunching it like a bow - pinch the center and attach by twisting the pipe cleaner around it.  Start in the outer ring first, then do the same for the inner ring. I alternated each piece - 1 horizontal then 1 vertical to give it a fuller look.
I used the purple first to fill the outer rings, then I alternated the green & pink on the inner rings.

 Step Five:  I wired on the flip flops - wrapped the wire around the nub (don't know what to call it - the plug that keeps the flip flip strap attached to the bottom of the shoe).

Step Six:  Add flowers - I tried to wire them in but I found it much easier to load up with hot glue and place in wreath.

Step Seven:  I also used extra ribbons to embellish - I cut strips of 12 inches of coordinating ribbons, attached by floral wire and placed in wreath to give extra color.  You can load this wreath up with ribbons and it will look great.  Wired Ribbons in coordinating patterns look great.

Step Eight:  Hot glue on felt flowers to flip flop strap.

Brooklyn my helper :-)

Hang up your wreath and enjoy!

Happy Summer <3

Summer Vacation

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Well summer vacation is finally here.  Been so busy the past month getting ready for the end of the school year, I haven't had much time to do anything else.  I have my to-do list all set, and it seems like it's getting longer & longer by the day!  I need to get cracking back into my organizing, now that I have my whole classroom stored in my garage.  It took to truck loads to get it all home and that is with throwing out 3 large trash barrels--ugh.  I am changing schools next year and am patiently waiting on my grade & new school assignment.    
I will keep you posted on the new classroom overhaul :-)

Happy Summer!!