Patriotic Centerpiece

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I've been playing around on Pinterest and found some cute ideas for Memorial Day - I just finished making a centerpiece for this weekend's BBQ. It is quite simple to do.  Here's what you will need:

Patriotic Printable available for free on my Facebook page - click the link to the right - you will find them under "Docs" on the page.  There are 3 groups of printables - Centerpiece - Water bottle labels - more water bottle labels along with napkin wraps.

Bucket:  Purchased mine from the Dollar Tree
Wooden dowels - Walmart & Michael's has an assortment pack for $3.00
Skewers - Dollar Tree
Wooden Letters - Michael's $1.49 each
Scrapbooking paper - 4 for $1.00
2 Patriotic Windmills - Dollar Tree
Red Foil (Shredded) Gift Basket Packing - Dollar Tree
Red Ribbon - Michael's Dollar Bin
1 Pack White Rocks - Dollar Tree
Old Plastic Container (I used one that lunchmeat comes in)
Styrofoam Brick - Dollar Tree
Blue or Red Acrylic or Spray Paint

Paint or spray paint the sides and backs of letters.

 Trace the letters onto scrapbook paper, then cut out and glue to painted letters. Hot glue letters to painted wooden dowels and place in foam.

 Fill container with rocks - cover - this will act as a weight for your centerpiece

Tape Styrofoam brick to the container of rocks. Do this first - I happened to do this after I arranged the stars - because I wanted it a bit higher in the bucket.

Cut out stars from printable page - attach by hot glue to skewers.  Arrange using different heights.
Place in Bucket - then cover with red foil packaging to hide styrofoam.

Add the tag and ribbon and you're all done <3

Happy Memorial Day!