Patriotic Napkin Wraps

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Here is another freebie!  Print out the Napkin Wraps via my Facebook page - click on link to the right.  On the page you will see "Docs" download and print Memorial Day Printables.

I used red, white, and blue plastic cutlery from the dollar tree. Purchased blue napkins there as well.  Place 1-red - 1-white - 1 blue piece of cutlery on a diagonal napkin. Fold up bottom edge to the cutlery and then fold over the sides to the center.  Place napkin wrap around the napkin/cutlery and tape or glue closed. I used tape - much quicker.  Place in a basket, bucket, or other cute display for your guests to grab.

Happy Memorial Day!!
Enjoy <3

Patriotic Centerpiece

I've been playing around on Pinterest and found some cute ideas for Memorial Day - I just finished making a centerpiece for this weekend's BBQ. It is quite simple to do.  Here's what you will need:

Patriotic Printable available for free on my Facebook page - click the link to the right - you will find them under "Docs" on the page.  There are 3 groups of printables - Centerpiece - Water bottle labels - more water bottle labels along with napkin wraps.

Bucket:  Purchased mine from the Dollar Tree
Wooden dowels - Walmart & Michael's has an assortment pack for $3.00
Skewers - Dollar Tree
Wooden Letters - Michael's $1.49 each
Scrapbooking paper - 4 for $1.00
2 Patriotic Windmills - Dollar Tree
Red Foil (Shredded) Gift Basket Packing - Dollar Tree
Red Ribbon - Michael's Dollar Bin
1 Pack White Rocks - Dollar Tree
Old Plastic Container (I used one that lunchmeat comes in)
Styrofoam Brick - Dollar Tree
Blue or Red Acrylic or Spray Paint

Paint or spray paint the sides and backs of letters.

 Trace the letters onto scrapbook paper, then cut out and glue to painted letters. Hot glue letters to painted wooden dowels and place in foam.

 Fill container with rocks - cover - this will act as a weight for your centerpiece

Tape Styrofoam brick to the container of rocks. Do this first - I happened to do this after I arranged the stars - because I wanted it a bit higher in the bucket.

Cut out stars from printable page - attach by hot glue to skewers.  Arrange using different heights.
Place in Bucket - then cover with red foil packaging to hide styrofoam.

Add the tag and ribbon and you're all done <3

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day Printables

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My current project is making Memorial Day Printables for a BBQ. I will upload the pages as soon as they are completed.  Here is a sample of the water bottle labels I've done so far.

Free Label Printables are available for download via my Facebook page.... Click the link to the right - go to "docs" and download Memorial day printables.

Cut out the 6 different labels - on 2 documents.  Attach to the water bottle using clear packing tape - this will protect the ink from running when the bottle sits in ice.

Happy Memorial Day ---Enjoy <3

Wine Gift Bags

I get so excited when I find a really good deal - this one I could not pass up!  The other night I was at TJ Maxx and I found these cute canvas wine gift bags for $1.99 each!  What a steal right?  They are pretty generic, so you may use them for a dinner hostess gift, birthday, retirement, etc.  Add some pretty tissue paper, a bow, and of course a bottle of wine - and off you go!

Organizing Garden Tools

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Week 16 - May 13th - May 18th - **Garden Tools/Garage Organizing** This week is a good time to look over the garage.  It has been a long winter and everything is beginning to bloom, so now is the time to get organized for your summer gardening projects.  We have just a little over a month before it is officially summer.  Winters are long here in Syracuse and I prefer to be outside as much as possible in the good weather.  Make sure all your tools are in working order.  Check those pruning shears, saw blades, etc.  Nothing worse than trying to clip down some bushes and the shears are dull!  I like to keep my outside tools I use on a constant basis in a bucket along with the leaf bags.  It makes it easier for me. I take out the tools and as I'm weeding fill up the bucket and then dump it into the leaf bags.  Try to set yourself up on some organizing schedule to keep up the weed maintenance in the yard, especially during rainy weather. I have used the black plastic liners, weed killer, and various other products, but no matter what they keep coming back! A few minutes weeding every couple of days saves having to weed for hours on the weekend.  Here's a great idea from Martha Stewart.

Tool Caddy

Create a mini gardening center that you can tote while you tend your plants.
Martha Stewart Living, March 2004
Create a mini gardening center that you can tote while you tend your plants. Start with a carpenter's nail belt, which has one big pocket: Measure the width of each tool, such as a trowel, then add an inch for extra space. Use a pen to mark widths on belt. Stitch along marks, creating several pockets. Tie the belt around a bucket, which you can use to hold larger items or to collect debris.

Brooklyn helping with the landscaping!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Trying to finish up my landscaping today - the weather has been gorgeous for the past few days, but mulching & planting seems like it is taking forever!  As you can see I have my furry helper (nice of him, since he is the one who has destroyed the plants in the first place - ugh) It's been a feat keeping him away from the new fence and flowers - lots of chicken wire up at the moment until her learns he can't go near it!