Organizing Yard Flags/Banners

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Well I started the day a bit off task of course - decided to do a quick organizing project this morning.  I have a rather large selection of yard flags that I use to decorate for the various holidays & so forth.  Lately I've housed them in a canvas bin, but it was such a pain to go through all the flags to get to the one I wanted (of course it was normally at the bottom of the pile).  I also tried hanging them, but that I felt that it took up way too much space for the amount of flags I own.

How I organized the flags:

I broke the flags down into seasonal categories, Spring & Summer, Winter & Fall, and Special Occasion Flags.    (I have special occasion flags for Graduation, NY Yankees, Summer Parties, American Flags, American Flag porch banners, etc.,  so I decided to have a bin for special occasion flags. I purchased the Rubbermaid Handle Locking Bins from Walmart for around $4.00 each.  Now when I would like to hang one up ~ I can grab the bin and get to the flag easily :-)

Tied to get a good picture,
but it's snowing & windy today


Rubbermaid Handle Locking Bins 
from Walmart

Flags are on the left - 
I just love the matching 
"Huggable Hangers"

Happy Organizing <3