Organizing Seasonal Clothes

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Week 15 - April 28th - May 3rd - **Organizing Seasonal Clothes** Finally back on track - this week's challenge will be to get ready for summer :-) and put those winter clothes away! The warmer weather seems as if it's here (at least I hope so - last week it was snowing & this week it's in the 70's only in central New York does the weather change like this!)  If the spring/summer bug has bitten you - take time to go through you winter clothes.  Look for any items that you haven't worn and put them in the donate pile.  Make another pile for dry cleaning - take items such as your heavy winter coat and have it dry-cleaned now.  Then it will be ready when the cold weather appears its ugly face again.  Take a look at any shoes that had a tough winter - salt stains, etc.  Now is the time to take them to the shoe repair or toss them.  If you aren't lucky enough to have enough closet space to house all your clothes - take those winter garments and wash and put them away in a storage bin or plastic bag.  Take any bulky items as well and store them for the summer.

Now take out those summer items you have stored away for months now.  Look them over - if you have anything you will not wear - donate them as well.  The leftover clothes - wash them and get them ready for summer wear.  Take a look at your sandals, pumps, etc and see if they need any repairs as well.  I have a shoe repairman who is very reasonable (old fashioned shoe repair shop which is hard to find these days) he fixes purses, shoes, zippers, baseball gloves, etc. I can't tell you how many times he has repaired my favorite leather pumps for me.  Probably the only pair of high heels that feel like bare feet when I wear them :-)  Do the same for your children, how them go through and look at their summer clothes to see what is worth keeping or tossing.