Organizing the Basement

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

On this beautiful snowy spring day, I can't think of anything I'd love have to do more than to spend my vacation cleaning out my basement.  This has been my most procrastinated project to date.  Last vacation - I promised I would clean it out this vacation!  Ugh - I find myself getting a bit overwhelmed, nothing new for me.  I have a small thing called attention deficit disorder (A.D.D.) - which is not the most beneficial trait when you want to organize something :-) I can get off task very easily.  I can start cleaning one area, then find something that belongs somewhere else and begin to organize that area, thus leaving the first area in disarray!  This is something I've learned to live with my whole life :-) So how does one with A.D.D. go about organizing such a huge task?  Very carefully!  I have bins set up for trash, donate, and things that belong other places in the home (note to self:  do not remove anything from the "other places" bin until I've finished cleaning, this way I will avoid organizing something else before I finish).  I have to organize small sections at a time, and remain focused!  If I fell a bit overwhelmed I will walk away, this is why this process has taken so long to complete!  I am cleaning box by box, shelf by shelf.  I've put this process off for way too long.  See tonight is garbage night and I want as much trash out as possible.  I will post my scary pictures of this later.  For now I'm off to try to accomplish something.  To be continued...