Creating & Organizing a Message Center

Monday, April 1, 2013

This week's organizing challenge:

Week 13 March 31st - April 6th **Creating a Message Center**  It's time to clear up all those papers that hang on the refrigerator, notes, important dates, RSVP's to events, and all those  papers that are stuffed into little places all over your house.  I've seen some great ideas for various message centers and I will post some ideas here for you to view.  I like to keep my stuff organized a little board that is inside of my kitchen cabinets.  I purchased it from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $6.00.  It is stainless steel that is magnetic and it comes with a pen you can write on as well.  It attaches with double-sided sticky tape, so it can be removed easily without adding holes into your cabinets.  I have 2 that I currently use for the family.
Magnetic Write-on Board inside kitchen cabinet

Other great ideas I have found on Pintrest:

I love this idea, I just don't have a space anywhere to be able to do this in my house.  

Another great idea, would love this but my entry way is far too small, ugh

Wonderful use of this

Do some searching and find what works for you.  Happy Organizing <3