Friday, April 19, 2013

Had a few setbacks this week - no organizing done :(  Craziness with Common Core State Tests - Report Cards were due & my lovely collie pup - decided to break and eat a few panels off my neighbor's fence ugh!  Of course the fence is 20 years old and needed to be replaced, but I didn't plan on doing it this week.  So off to Lowe's Home Improvement I went and ordered 19 panels for my yard.  Of course tomorrow is the day I'd like to put them up and it's suppose to be cold, rainy, and a possible snow flurry. Brooklyn is away a doggie behavior camp this week - hopefully he will come back a nice calm puppy!  Tried to block him with the pool ladder for the time being, but that didn't work!  If anyone has had this happen to them and they have suggestions - I would appreciate any hints :)

Brooklyn - the fence eating collie :)