AVID Subway Art

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

For all those AVID teachers - here is a free printable Subway Art. For best results print on 8.5 x11 Cardstock paper.   As always these prints are for personal use only and not intended to be sold - thank you <3

To Download AVID Free Printable Click Here

Winnie the Pooh Subway Art

Here is a new free printable:  Winnie the Pooh.   The print size is 8.5 x 11.  I hope you enjoy the print, but please keep it for personal use only - not intended to be sold.  Thank you <3

To download free print click here

Organizing Seasonal Clothes

Week 15 - April 28th - May 3rd - **Organizing Seasonal Clothes** Finally back on track - this week's challenge will be to get ready for summer :-) and put those winter clothes away! The warmer weather seems as if it's here (at least I hope so - last week it was snowing & this week it's in the 70's only in central New York does the weather change like this!)  If the spring/summer bug has bitten you - take time to go through you winter clothes.  Look for any items that you haven't worn and put them in the donate pile.  Make another pile for dry cleaning - take items such as your heavy winter coat and have it dry-cleaned now.  Then it will be ready when the cold weather appears its ugly face again.  Take a look at any shoes that had a tough winter - salt stains, etc.  Now is the time to take them to the shoe repair or toss them.  If you aren't lucky enough to have enough closet space to house all your clothes - take those winter garments and wash and put them away in a storage bin or plastic bag.  Take any bulky items as well and store them for the summer.

Now take out those summer items you have stored away for months now.  Look them over - if you have anything you will not wear - donate them as well.  The leftover clothes - wash them and get them ready for summer wear.  Take a look at your sandals, pumps, etc and see if they need any repairs as well.  I have a shoe repairman who is very reasonable (old fashioned shoe repair shop which is hard to find these days) he fixes purses, shoes, zippers, baseball gloves, etc. I can't tell you how many times he has repaired my favorite leather pumps for me.  Probably the only pair of high heels that feel like bare feet when I wear them :-)  Do the same for your children, how them go through and look at their summer clothes to see what is worth keeping or tossing.

Autographed "Fly Away" Novel

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I am so excited.  Last night I was at Target and I saw that the new novel "Fly Away" from Kristin Hannah came out, so I picked up a copy & to my surprise it was an autographed book!  Love it <3 I loved the first book "Firefly Lane" and I am hoping this one is just as good.  Is anyone else a fan of her books?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Had a few setbacks this week - no organizing done :(  Craziness with Common Core State Tests - Report Cards were due & my lovely collie pup - decided to break and eat a few panels off my neighbor's fence ugh!  Of course the fence is 20 years old and needed to be replaced, but I didn't plan on doing it this week.  So off to Lowe's Home Improvement I went and ordered 19 panels for my yard.  Of course tomorrow is the day I'd like to put them up and it's suppose to be cold, rainy, and a possible snow flurry. Brooklyn is away a doggie behavior camp this week - hopefully he will come back a nice calm puppy!  Tried to block him with the pool ladder for the time being, but that didn't work!  If anyone has had this happen to them and they have suggestions - I would appreciate any hints :)

Brooklyn - the fence eating collie :)

Organizing the Car

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week 14:  April 7th - April 13th **Organizing the car**

This week's challenge is organizing the car (mini van or SUV).  Sometimes I feel that I spend more time in my car than any where else and it shows!  If you live in a snow capital like I do - then the inside of your car takes a beating all winter.  Snow, salt, and sand makes the inside of the car look grimy.  I have a bunch of new products I ordered from Clever Container that I ordered to organize my space in the car.  I purchased the "car hooks" so my purse stops falling of the seat onto the floor when I make sudden stops.  Seems like it happens every morning - I'm always catching one light or another all the way to work.

Car Hooks -$12.00
Clever Container
Create useful space in your car with these clever hooks. Installation is easily done by sliding the hooks around any standard headrest post. We find these to be perfect for bags, purses, backpacks, dog leashes, dry cleaning and headphones for starters!

Cargo Pocket $28.00
Clever Container

Get it together with this clever pocket organizer. Keep your cargo floor clean of all sorts of loose items. Five handy pockets keep your ride looking nice and organized. Simply hangs around back seat headrest posts. (13 x 46)

Cargo Tote $33.00

Great foldable tote that I use when shopping at Sam's Club or Aldi's.  You know those stores that don't provide shopping bags.  I put my items in the tote right at the store and when I get home use the tote to carry all my groceries in the house and then fold it up for the next time.  

This handy fold-a-way tote has a large interior that holds up to 3 bags of groceries so they don’t roll around. A zip closure keeps items out of sight. The hook and loop grip strips hold the cargo tote secure. The mesh pocket stores all those little essential items. (23 x 13½ x 12 open) (13½ x 1½ x 12 folded.

Swing Away $30.00
Clever Container

Who couldn’t use a little extra space in their car? Slip the adjustable strap over any car seat and you’ll instantly create just that! Swing this carrier to the front side of the passenger seat for those who need an office on the go! Has one large file pocket for papers, magazines and folders, five pockets for cell phones, PDA, glasses, CDs, etc., and two mesh side pockets for drinks, wipes, mints, etc. (18 x 4 x 9) This is my mobile classroom.  I keep things handy for grading papers, lesson plan ideas, etc.  when I'm waiting at appointments, stuck in traffic, etc.  We've all been at those sports practices for an hour or so waiting.  Why not take advantage of that time and do small tasks with your portable office.

These are great products - very well designed.  If you would like to purchase any of these products; click on the  Clever Container link and and choose adayinthelifeoftj (blog party)  to order.  Better yet have a party of your own and get them for free. For those of you who are not local, I can help you with a catalog party or a Facebook party.  For my Blog customers I will also be offering an extra 10% off for anyone hosting a party.  Please contact me to see the upcoming specials, free gifts, and bonuses for being a hostess. Great Business opportunities as well, ask me for more details on becoming a consultant.  Happy Organizing <3

Deal Finder - Solar Lanterns

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I love entertaining and sitting outside on warm summer evenings.  On my fence I hung lanterns that held tea light candles, but it turned into a pain lighting them all the time. This year I decided to use solar lanterns instead.  I came across this deal at the Christmas Tree Shop - my favorite place for decorating ideas at budget friendly prices.  If you have a Christmas Tree Shop nearby and haven't visited the store - I urge you to do so.  Great deals can be found there.  These hexagon lanterns have a candle inside that flickers a yellow flame.  I found them at a bargain price of $9.99 each.  I knew I should've picked up a couple more, but I didn't.  I am hoping they still have some at the store, as I think I will line my fence with them :-)

$9.99 at the Christmas Tree Shop

Organizing Yard Flags/Banners

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Well I started the day a bit off task of course - decided to do a quick organizing project this morning.  I have a rather large selection of yard flags that I use to decorate for the various holidays & so forth.  Lately I've housed them in a canvas bin, but it was such a pain to go through all the flags to get to the one I wanted (of course it was normally at the bottom of the pile).  I also tried hanging them, but that I felt that it took up way too much space for the amount of flags I own.

How I organized the flags:

I broke the flags down into seasonal categories, Spring & Summer, Winter & Fall, and Special Occasion Flags.    (I have special occasion flags for Graduation, NY Yankees, Summer Parties, American Flags, American Flag porch banners, etc.,  so I decided to have a bin for special occasion flags. I purchased the Rubbermaid Handle Locking Bins from Walmart for around $4.00 each.  Now when I would like to hang one up ~ I can grab the bin and get to the flag easily :-)

Tied to get a good picture,
but it's snowing & windy today


Rubbermaid Handle Locking Bins 
from Walmart

Flags are on the left - 
I just love the matching 
"Huggable Hangers"

Happy Organizing <3

Organizing the Basement

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

On this beautiful snowy spring day, I can't think of anything I'd love have to do more than to spend my vacation cleaning out my basement.  This has been my most procrastinated project to date.  Last vacation - I promised I would clean it out this vacation!  Ugh - I find myself getting a bit overwhelmed, nothing new for me.  I have a small thing called attention deficit disorder (A.D.D.) - which is not the most beneficial trait when you want to organize something :-) I can get off task very easily.  I can start cleaning one area, then find something that belongs somewhere else and begin to organize that area, thus leaving the first area in disarray!  This is something I've learned to live with my whole life :-) So how does one with A.D.D. go about organizing such a huge task?  Very carefully!  I have bins set up for trash, donate, and things that belong other places in the home (note to self:  do not remove anything from the "other places" bin until I've finished cleaning, this way I will avoid organizing something else before I finish).  I have to organize small sections at a time, and remain focused!  If I fell a bit overwhelmed I will walk away, this is why this process has taken so long to complete!  I am cleaning box by box, shelf by shelf.  I've put this process off for way too long.  See tonight is garbage night and I want as much trash out as possible.  I will post my scary pictures of this later.  For now I'm off to try to accomplish something.  To be continued...

Deal of the Day

Monday, April 1, 2013

My deal of the day is the 12x12 Clear Iris Container for scrapbook paper.  I used the 40% off any regular priced item coupon from Michael's - regular price was $8.99 -discount $3.60 - final price with tax - $5.82.

Creating & Organizing a Message Center

This week's organizing challenge:

Week 13 March 31st - April 6th **Creating a Message Center**  It's time to clear up all those papers that hang on the refrigerator, notes, important dates, RSVP's to events, and all those  papers that are stuffed into little places all over your house.  I've seen some great ideas for various message centers and I will post some ideas here for you to view.  I like to keep my stuff organized a little board that is inside of my kitchen cabinets.  I purchased it from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $6.00.  It is stainless steel that is magnetic and it comes with a pen you can write on as well.  It attaches with double-sided sticky tape, so it can be removed easily without adding holes into your cabinets.  I have 2 that I currently use for the family.
Magnetic Write-on Board inside kitchen cabinet

Other great ideas I have found on Pintrest:

I love this idea, I just don't have a space anywhere to be able to do this in my house.  

Another great idea, would love this but my entry way is far too small, ugh

Wonderful use of space...love this

Do some searching and find what works for you.  Happy Organizing <3

Pooh Subway Art

I've always loved Winnie the Pooh, especially the vintage Pooh.  I've always loved this quote as well, so I decided to make a Subway Art for it.  For a free printable - click on my Facebook link - click on "Docs" and then download.  Please use for personal use only - enjoy <3

Free Printable via Facebook Page