Week 12 - Organizing the Bedroom Closet

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week 12March 24th - March 30th **Bedroom Closet**   Wow week 12 already!!  This week's challenge is to organize your bedroom closet.  If your closest is in disarray and you are searching for the mate to the pair of shoes you need for your work outfit, or you search over and over again frantically for that shirt that you planned on wearing only to find you passed over it 5 times already, then it's time to spring clean!  If you start your day by being disorganized it will carry over into the rest of your day!  First remove everything from your closet - yes everything! Then wipe down the shelves, vacuum the cobwebs - now is the time to even give that closet a fresh coat of paint.  Make sure you have adequate lighting in your closet as well.  After everything is removed from your closet - you need to separate these items into 4 piles. Yup 4 piles for this challenge as I added a repair pile/cleaner pile.

Set up you piles as follows:  Toss - throw out items that are damaged or not in good condition to give away.  It's time to de-clutter!

Next pile - donate pile - after you place your items for donation put them in a box or large garbage bag and immediately place them in your car, so when you are out and about the items can be dropped off.

 For the next pile - "the repair pile" access your closet inventory.  Anything that needs to go to a shoe repair store, the cleaners, or a tailor for alterations or repairs.  Gather these items as well and then load into your car and drop off when you are out and about.

The last pile is the "it belongs somewhere else" pile - I am a big offender of this pile.  My closet is my hiding place for Christmas gifts, Easter Baskets and so forth.  Designate somewhere else in the home for these items. I am choosing a storage box to house these items from now on and will keep them on a shelf in the basement.

Some helpful organizing hints:

Hangers - use the same type of hanger throughout the closet.  This will give a neat organized appearance.  I highly recommend "Huggable Hangers" by Joy Mangano.  I am not affiliated with "huggable hangers" nor do I receive any compensation from the company, I just love the product.  Target sells them individually or in a boxed set (and put them on sale).  They come in a wide assortment of colors. Although it is a bit of an initial investment, it is well worth it!  Silk shirts do not fall off the hangers (they have a velvet coating to them), and these hangers will give you so much more room in the closet.  I gained almost 50% more space using these hangers in my closet.  Do not try the "cheaper versions" believe me I have, (tried a brand from a very well know bath store)  and snapped a hanger in my hand, the quality is no where near the same!
Check Target & HSN for prices

Color code your clothes:  Arrange clothes by color - this gives a neater visual appearance as well as makes it easier to put together an outfit.  Keep like items with like items, shirts, pants, etc.

Use baskets or bins for out of season or bulky clothes.  Make sure you label your bins.

Shoe Storage:  Use a shoe rack, shelf,  or plastic boxes for those shoes you don't use on a normal basis.  I purchased a flip flop file for my closet from Clever Container.  This is a hanging file that houses 18 pairs of flip flops or sandals for $20.00. Never lose a pair again!  You can purchase a flip flop file here "Clever Container" Website

Flip Flop file $20.00 holds 18 pairs of flip flops or sandals.
Garment Bags:  Purchased from the "Dollar Tree" protect those expensive suits and dresses. You can grab a bunch for $1.00 each.

Ties, Belts, Purses:  Hang hooks or use organizers to help those little loose end things that clutter up your closet.  You may purchase the following products from "Clever Container" by clicking here "Clever Container Website"

Belt Hanger $11.00 from Clever Container

Handbag Organizer $20.00 from Clever Container
Shelf Dividers $18.00 set of 2 Clever Container

Scarf Hanger $10.00 from Clever Container

Hope this gives you a place to start and some ideas on how to organize your closet.  Make things go smoothly in the morning rush & start your day off right!  Happy Organizing <3