Organizing Social Media

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sorry this is a week late.  Things were a little hectic at work, grades were due and last week seemed like nonstop meetings.  So here is this week's challenge ~

Week 10:  March 10th - March 16th **Organizing Social Media** Social media is probably the most widely used tool we have.  We check our email, Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs daily, yet we don't seem to organize them on a consistent basis.  This week take some time out and organize your social media.  Delete those pages and pages of emails.  Make folders to keep important emails in a specific place.  I know when I first started on Facebook I played a wide variety of games, which has resulted in numerous friend requests from other gamers.  Honestly the games got way out of control with the number of tasks to complete.  As of now I have over 400 friends and need to weed out the ones who were only on there to play games that I no longer play.  I have met some great people along the way who I am friends with now and I'm glad I've met them through Facebook.  Social media is a great way to make new friends, connect with old ones, and keep in touch with distant family members.  Take some time this week and go through and clean up your social media <3