Yearly Organizer

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Today I found at the Christmas Tree Shop this Yearly Organizer for $3.99.  It's a generic calendar with pockets.  As I looked at it, a light bulb went off in my head and I thought - wow I could use this to hold my greeting cards.  Truth - I always buy cards well in advance, but somehow I always seem to put them in a safe place only to be seen after the event/holiday is over!  Now don't get me wrong - years ago I went and bought a nice greeting card box with dividers from Current and yes I have birthday cards, sympathy cards, etc in there.  For some reason the box always remains on the top of my closet along with the cards!  Honestly it becomes such a hassle grabbing it and half the time I don't remember it's there.  I do love going to the dollar store for cards - so as I gather up my upcoming birthday, Easter and St. Patrick's day cards I filed them away in this neat organizer.  Much easier to pull out a a thin binder than the big box of cards.  Don't get me wrong - I will keep all my excess cards in the card box and from time to time replenish the "Yearly Organizer. I plan just to write down a generic month and add birthdays, anniversaries, etc. to the organizer.  This way it's a quick glance to see what events are ahead.
Christmas Tree Shop "Yearly Organizer" $3.99

Just fill in a generic month and add birthdays, anniversaries, etc.