Organizing Your Desk/Workspace

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week 8:     February 17th - February 23rd **Desk/Work Space** This week's challenge is all about organizing your desk or work space.  We all know too well how quickly things can become a mess in the desk.  I am guilty of throwing papers on top of my work area as I'm working on projects and waiting until later to clean them up. Even if you're work area is small section of your kitchen - go get rid of that clutter.  Go through all your desk drawers and organize.  Use baskets or dividers to get the clutter under control.  Toss things that are not longer useful (dried up markers, pens, etc.).  Make a spot for pads, stamps, envelopes, and organize all your materials so you will find them quickly :-)  

Baskets from the Dollar Tree & Sterilite Bins are from Target

Made my own labels on the printer and attached with tape, this way I can change them easily 

Used Bins to house all my printer & decorative papers, the smaller bins on top
hold staples, tape, stamps, sealing wax, address labels (all from the Dollar Tree)
Medium Sterilite Bins hold thank you cards, Ipod accessories, and phone chargers.

Since virtually all of my lesson planning & grading is done
from home - this is where I house all my teacher supplies :-)