Bill Paying Organizer

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here is the binder that I made today for bill paying. I am the worst offender when it comes to paperwork, I have been known to put many a pile of paper into a plastic bag to get it out of sight!  The 2nd thing I hate even more is filing!  My idea was to put all bills into one binder and at the end of the year - empty the binder, keep what you need for taxes or major purchases and then toss the rest.  Even though a good portion of my bill paying is done online, I no longer receive many of the bills in the mailbox, and I opted for e- bills instead.
 Here is the breakdown of how I organized the binder:

1st I purchased a binder from Walmart for just under $4.00 this one is by Avery.  The cover is from Geographics letter head paper (less than $2.00 for 25). Although I love the way people design their own covers, I however, do not have a graphics software and this was my easy way out!

The Avery tabs were also purchased from Walmart - again under $4.00.  I have seen many people grab file folders from the dollar section at target - 3 hole punch them and make them into dividers. I liked these tabs because of the oval shape and the online design maker was really easy to use and make the labels. Use whatever you have available to you.

Next I typed up the cover pages for each section.

Bill Planning Page Cover

Credit Cards Cover

 Insurances Tab Cover
 House & Mortgage Tab Cover
 Miscellaneous Tab

Bank Loans Cover
Tax Deductions Cover
Utilities Cover

I designed and printed every month of 2013 to keep track of when bills are due.  
Monthly Calendar

Lastly I printed out a recording keeping page for the year of when bills were paid each month.

These are the categories I used for my binder, think of what bills you have and divide your binder up accordingly. When a bill comes in the mail - 3 hole punch it and place it under the appropriate category.  Mark on your log that is has been paid.  In December collect all sections - keep what you need then discard the rest.  Everything for taxes will be in one binder!!

Hope this was helpful <3