Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Week 6:     February 3rd - February 9th **Freezer/refrigerator**  This is the place where we don't think of organizing until we go to open it?  In my house it's a good idea to wear steel-toed boots when you open up the freezer.  Never fails - something that resembles a frozen rock always seems to fall out when we open the door.  Don't get me wrong,  I have good intentions, I buy my meats in bulk - my kids love hot pretzels, ice cream, and of course things like french fries and mozzarella sticks.    I think of my freezer as the abyss - once it goes in - it seems to disappear :)  This week's challenge is to empty out your refrigerator & freezer.  Clean it and grabs some bins/baskets - whatever fits your needs.  On my Internet travels I found a website that sold "refrigerator coasters"  as I thought this was a unique idea, my mind instantly went to those rubbermaid shelf liners (the rubber feeling waffle design one that glasses grip to in your cabinets) I think I may purchase them and line the insides of my door baskets and vegetable bins.  My idea is to take some wax paper. make a pattern by etching the wax paper to make a template, trace it onto the Rubbermaid shelf liner and cut it out.  Another suggestion I came across is to use a "Lazy Susan" in the frig to house items you use frequently. This contains those items and stops knocking over and moving items to get what you need.  Now I use "Lazy Susan's" in my kitchen & bathroom cabinets, just never gave it a thought to use inside my refrigerator.    
This cute little comic made my day - it is so me!!!

Week 5 - Junk Drawer

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week 5:      January 27th - February 2nd **Junk Drawer Cleanup**  Junk drawer - how does so much stuff accumulate in one small drawer?  That is the challenge of the week.  De-clutter your junk drawer(s) because I know we all have more than one!  I have 2 in my kitchen and 1/2 of another drawer that seems to make its way over.  This week's mission is to go through and get rid of all that stuff - you know the little odds & ends we don't know what to do with so we throw them in a drawer and never look back for it?  There are many ways to organize the drawer - my preference is an actual drawer organizer - it's pretty and has a slidable shelf.  It's designed more for office products.  I use mini baskets as well in other drawers - go with what works for you.


After :-)

My teacher drawer - I have an obsession with post-it notes & colorful pens <3

Organizing the Household Management Binder

My binder is still a work in progress. It changes depending upon the needs of my family.  I have a large binder I purchased from Walmart, along with the tab dividers from Avery.  I typed the labels online at Avery.com.  I then put the dividers into a clear page protector – slice a hole large enough for the label tab to fit through – this allows you to use page protectors and still be able to see the divider tabs because they extend outward from the page protectors rather than hidden if used the normal way. My management binder consists of 16 sections that fits my family’s needs.  Here are my categories to give you an idea, remember customize your binder to fit your needs. I will offer free binder printables when I figure out how to download my pdf files to this blog - I've been running into so glitches.  

1. Time Management – Calendar’s, schedules, upcoming birthdays & anniversaries, and a pocket folder for greeting cards.

2. To-do – a copy of my to-do list. 

3. Menu Planning – weekly menu planning sheet, shopping lists, restaurant menus for take-out.

4.  Cleaning – cleaning checklist and cleaning schedules, my monthly cleaning zones, fall & spring-cleaning checklists.

5, 6, & 7 – Personalized – an individual section for my family.  Keep important copies of birth certificates, social security numbers, etc. 

8.  Pets – pet records, copies of dog license, vet paperwork, pet-sitting instructions.

9.  Projects – project ideas, paint swatches, to-do list of projects I would like to accomplish, etc. 

10.  Contact List – Family list, Friend list, Business List – phone numbers and addresses all in a handy section.

11.  Household – household inventory sheet for insurance purposes, take photos and house them here, town pick up information and phone numbers, anything related to the house (i.e. snow removal contract, etc)

12.  Medical Information – prescriptions, Doctors, allergies, etc.  Vital information in case of emergency. 

13.  Important Information – Internet Passwords & email accounts.

14.  Finances – Bank account information, credit card information, loan information.

15.  Automobiles – Copies of insurance policy, copy of title, repairs, etc.

16.  Miscellaneous – Anything that doesn’t fit into the categories above.

Week 4:    January 20 - 26th  **Household Management Binder **
Items needed for this project is a 3 ring binder, tab dividers, calendar, sheet protectors, and file pockets. This binder will be a work in progress, it will take some time to perfect.  You will personalize it to your family's specific needs.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Week 3:    January 13th - 19th **Household Receipts**
If' you're anything like me at any given time my purse is a jumbled mess of receipts.  It usually when I am in a hurry going somewhere that I have to clean out my purse.  So what do I do - throw all the receipts into a plastic bag!  Then when it comes time for me to return something I can never find the darn receipt! Please tell me I am not the only one who does this? (lol)  My goal for this week is to purchase a small portfolio type of holder that is alphabetized and start filing my receipts in it.  I am hoping the dollar store carries something like this - I just love inexpensive organizing items :-)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Week 2:   January 6th - 12th **Warranties & Receipts**

This week's challenge is to organize all those warranty booklets for the items in our home, especially ones we may have gotten as gifts this year or for the gifts the kids received.  I am choosing the "binder method" to organize these warranties.  Once the snow stops I am heading to Staples to purchase some binders & plastic file pouches to complete this project.  I will have 2 binders - one that will remain with the house (I'm thinking about moving) for all the warranties of appliances that I will leave behind for the new homeowner.  The 2nd binder will be for big ticket items and receipts in case something breaks down and I need to contact the company.  Pictures to follow...

Bill Paying Organizer

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here is the binder that I made today for bill paying. I am the worst offender when it comes to paperwork, I have been known to put many a pile of paper into a plastic bag to get it out of sight!  The 2nd thing I hate even more is filing!  My idea was to put all bills into one binder and at the end of the year - empty the binder, keep what you need for taxes or major purchases and then toss the rest.  Even though a good portion of my bill paying is done online, I no longer receive many of the bills in the mailbox, and I opted for e- bills instead.
 Here is the breakdown of how I organized the binder:

1st I purchased a binder from Walmart for just under $4.00 this one is by Avery.  The cover is from Geographics letter head paper (less than $2.00 for 25). Although I love the way people design their own covers, I however, do not have a graphics software and this was my easy way out!

The Avery tabs were also purchased from Walmart - again under $4.00.  I have seen many people grab file folders from the dollar section at target - 3 hole punch them and make them into dividers. I liked these tabs because of the oval shape and the online design maker was really easy to use and make the labels. Use whatever you have available to you.

Next I typed up the cover pages for each section.

Bill Planning Page Cover

Credit Cards Cover

 Insurances Tab Cover
 House & Mortgage Tab Cover
 Miscellaneous Tab

Bank Loans Cover
Tax Deductions Cover
Utilities Cover

I designed and printed every month of 2013 to keep track of when bills are due.  
Monthly Calendar

Lastly I printed out a recording keeping page for the year of when bills were paid each month.

These are the categories I used for my binder, think of what bills you have and divide your binder up accordingly. When a bill comes in the mail - 3 hole punch it and place it under the appropriate category.  Mark on your log that is has been paid.  In December collect all sections - keep what you need then discard the rest.  Everything for taxes will be in one binder!!

Hope this was helpful <3


Holiday Bins from Target

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!  Let the year of organization begin.  I am loving my new bins I purchased from Target on sale for $6.00 - I am actually thinking of going back to see if they have anymore left.  I like the idea you can see inside of them, my other bins are solid and even though they are labeled it's not easy to always know what's inside...