Sunday, December 2, 2012

Today I made two "Movie Theater" Gift Baskets for Holiday Gifts.... Very easy to do - I purchased the "popcorn" container from the Dollar Tree as well as most of the candy, basket bags, shredded paper, tissue paper, and styrofoam to hold the candy on the dowels.  The dowels and popcorn I purchased from Walmart and also included a gift certificate to Regal Movie Theaters.  Instead of a movie gift card you can replace with a DVD for a family gift.


Place tissue paper so it hangs over the side of container.
Then place styrofoam rectangle into the container - cut with a knife to fit to size.
Hot glue candy to the dowel (I used clear scotch tape as well to hold in place)
Arrange candy on dowels in the container.
Next add loose popcorn bags to fill in the container.
Add some crumpled up tissue paper to hold styrofoam in place.
Spread shredded paper in the container.
Put container into the basket bag and add a bow.

Happy Holidays!!