Homemade Vanilla Extract from Uganda

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Today I got into the Christmas Spirit by making Pure Vanilla Extract to give as gifts.    I purchased Organic Uganda Vanilla Beans, cheap vodka and Boston Round Bottles from the Speciality Bottle Company.  I was able to make 15 bottles of extract and have a handful of beans left over to make some vanilla sugar. The labels are from Martha Stewart's collection at Staples.

1/4 Pound Organic Uganda Vanilla Beans - purchased from Amadeusvanillabeans.com
15- 4 oz. Clear Boston Round Bottles & Caps specialitybottle.com
1.75 oz. Bottle of Bellows Vodka
Martha Stewart Brown Craft Labels Item #72428

I used 2 Vanilla Beans for each 4 ounce bottle. (With a sharp knife slice the vanilla bean in half - then I cut them in half again and placed in each bottle.  Fill the bottle with vodka and let sit for 8 weeks in a cool dark place. Tie with a pretty bow and give as gifts.  If you give gifts away before the 8 weeks attach a note telling the recipient what date they can begin using their extract.

When jar is half empty just refill with more vodka, you will always have a supply of Pure Vanilla Extract on hand.