Organizing CDs

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Finally tackled a project I've been dreading - organizing my CD collection.  I searched all over the Internet to come up with an idea on a practical way to organize them as well as saving space.  My solution:  took all my CDs out of their jewel cases and put them into Memorex's Clear CD & DVD Keepers ($10.99 from Staples-Walmart & Target only had the colored ones) .  I started out with the colored ones, but it was hard to read the covers of the CDs so I think I may use them for my DVDs instead.  I took the inserts from the CDs slipped them in the plastic sleeve, added the CD, and then trimmed the back cover from the CD to fit into the plastic sleeve.  I added Post-It note Labels (printed the A-B-C's off of my label maker) and attached to a CD.  You wouldn't believe how much space you actually save by doing this!  After all CDs were in their sleeves, I put them in alphabetical order by artist (I didn't go to the extreme to alphabetize them under each "letter".  I am ok with flipping through them for now.  If my collection grows larger, then I may break it down even further.  I purchased 2 lined baskets from Target ($6.99 each) and have one filled and about 1/4 of the other and that is with 100 CDs.  I still have more floating around my house & car and will put them in their appropriate place :-)