Off & Running

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I view organizational websites to get some tips to help with this organizational/de-cluttering process.  I found one site that has a challenge of getting rid of 10 things a week.  Although I find that a bit extreme, I think I will try to de-clutter and try to get rid of 5 things a week. I really need to have a donation bin ready to go at all times.  I have tried the whole garage sale route, but to me it prolongs keeping the clutter to only make a minimal profit.  I prefer to give items away to people that can use them.  I would like to also start selling some of the better items, (i.e. Hess trucks, Disney Lithographs, etc on Ebay or Craig's list).

I do have some major projects that I would like to accomplish such as the basement & garage, but for now I am content with picking one room and putting it into smaller tasks so that I don't feel overwhelmed.  My first mission of the New Year is the kitchen.  Today I am beginning with the junk drawer, seems like I have three and I plan to cut that down to just one. The kitchen seems to be where I spend most of my time so to make life a bit easier (not having food containers falling out at me every time I open the cabinet would be so nice). So on this 1st day of January I will begin with my junk drawers :-)